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HONGFA is a custom electronic enclosures manufacturer providing professional solutions for industrial electronic device. Offering the highest level of quality in custom fabrication, we build enclosures of all styles,materials.Including plastic shells,extruded aluminum enclosures,metal case etc.Materials include ABS, PC, PVC, aluminum alloy, iron, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, etc.

Our enclosures are fully finished, meaning you can include hardware, fasteners, brackets, hinges and accessories. You can also customize your enclosure with a variety of in-house finishes, including powder coat, direct digital printing, grained finish and permanent marking. We’ll build anything from prototypes and one-off designs, right up to high-volume manufacturing runs that take advantage of our blanket order.

How to order a customized electronic enclosures from Hongfa?

Different material enclosures have different customization processes

For plastic enclosure,it is made through injection mold.If you choose the existing plastic box from our catalog,only add simple processing such as drill holes,print logos,there’s no MOQ,simple drawing is ok.But to build a new plastic enclosure, we first need to make an injection mold. Detailed 3D drawings are necessary or need a sample. Our company prefers to use drawings in 3D STP format.To make new mold,there’s MOQ.

For aluminum extruded enclosure,if choose a existing part,there’s also no MOQ,we can cut length,drill holes,change colors and print logos etc.But to build a new extrusion aluminum,also need to make mold,then will have MOQ.No matter choose add processing on existing aluminum box or make new mold,2D drawing is necessay.

For sheet metal parts.The sheet metal parts refer to the products or parts produced by the combination of the bending, riveting, precision welding, forming and other processes of the metal sheet after laser cutting or stamping.Usually there’s no MOQ. We make it easy as possible for you by offering a one-stop source for custom, fully finished precision sheet metal parts. Choose from a variety of materials, hardware, fasteners, and powdercoat colors to fully finish your custom sheet metal part. Add graphics such as a logo or labeling with our direct digital printing and silkscreen services.


The first time know what happen in HONGFA company. We will update the last technology in custom aluminnum, meta and plasti enclosure.We design and manufacture custom enclosures for a wide range of industries and sectors. We are used to working towards specific norms and specifications.


We offer two standard systems for enclosures of any dimension. To create these enclosures, Front Panel Designer includes a housing tool that enables you to create all the housing sections you need with just select the right accessories.