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Bending process in sheet metal processing

When doing sheet metal processing, the main process is bending. Bending seems simple, but there are still many doorways and tricks. Here is an introduction to the various bending process techniques of sheet metal. 1.General bending 1: (R=0, θ=90°) L=A+B+K 1. When 0¢T£0.3, K’=0 2. For iron materials: (such as GI, SGCC, SECC, CRS, SPTE, […]

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Sheet Metal Box

Thin plate refers to a steel plate with a much smaller thickness than its length and width. Its transverse bending resistance is poor, so it is not suitable for the occasion under transverse bending load. The thin plate is metal as far as its material is concerned, but because of its special geometry and thickness […]

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1/2/3U Chassis Box

The concept of U: The reason to specify the size of the server is to keep the server in a proper size for placing on an iron or aluminum rack. There are screw holes for fixing the server on the rack, so that it can match the screw holes of the server, and then fix […]

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What is ABS material?

ABS plastic is A terpolymer of acrylonitrile (A) -butadiene (B) -styrene (S). It combines the performance of three components, including acrylonitrile with high hardness and strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance; Butadiene has impact resistance and toughness; Styrene has high surface gloss, easy to stain and easy to process. The properties of the three components […]

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