Die-cast aluminum

1.What is die-casting aluminum?

Die-casting aluminum is usually done by using a pressure casting machine fitted with a casting mold, adding heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy to the inlet of the die-casting machine and die-casting it to produce aluminum or aluminum alloy parts or housings of a restricted shape and size.

High pressure and high speed filling die-casting aluminum type is the two main characteristics of die-casting aluminum. It is commonly used pressure injection ratio is from several thousand to tens of thousands of kPa, even up to 2 × 105 kPa. filling speed is about 10 ~ 50m / s, some times even up to 100m / s or more. The filling time is very short, generally in the range of 0.01~0.2s.

The metal solution injected under high pressure and high speed can produce thin-walled parts with complex shapes, and the obtained castings have fine grains, dense organization, and high strength to produce aluminum parts or shells with high efficiency, quality, and precision.

When the volume of a part is particularly large and single, the die-casting aluminum process can be used to produce it in bulk. It saves time, effort and money.

Therefore, die-casting is widely used in manufacturing industries such as automotive, computer, communication, and medical equipment.

  1. So what are the advantages of die-casting aluminum?
  2. Good product quality: casting size accuracy is high, generally equivalent to 6 ~ 7, or even up to 4; surface finish is good, generally equivalent to 5 ~ 8; strength and hardness is high, strength is generally 25 ~ 30% higher than sand casting, but elongation is reduced by about 70%; size stability, interchangeability is good; can die-cast aluminum thin-walled complex castings. For example, the current zinc alloy die-casting aluminum parts minimum wall thickness up to 0.3mm; aluminum alloy castings up to 0.5mm; minimum cast out hole diameter of 0.7mm; minimum pitch of 0.75mm.
  • High production efficiency: high machine productivity, for example, domestic J Ⅲ3 type horizontal cold air die-casting aluminum machine can die-cast aluminum 600 ~ 700 times in eight hours on average, small hot chamber die-casting aluminum machine can die-cast aluminum 3000 ~ 7000 times every eight hours on average; die-casting aluminum type life is long, a pay die-casting aluminum type, die-casting aluminum bell alloy, life can reach hundreds of thousands of times, or even millions of times; easy to realize mechanization and automation.
  • The economic effect is excellent: because the die-casting aluminum size is accurate, the advantages of the table pan glossy and clean. Generally no longer mechanical processing and direct use, or processing volume is very small, so both improve the utilization rate of metal, but also reduce a large number of processing equipment and man-hours; castings are cheap; can use a combination of die-casting aluminum to other metal or non-metallic materials. Both save assembly man-hours and save metal.
  • At the same time, die-cast aluminum housing also has a small number of disadvantages.
  • Die-casting aluminum due to liquid metal filling cavity speed is high, the flow state is not stable, so the general die-casting aluminum method, castings are prone to porosity, can not be heat treatment.
  • For concave complex castings, die-casting aluminum is more difficult
  • High melting point alloy (such as copper, ferrous metal), die-casting aluminum type life is low.
  • Not suitable for small batch production, the main reason is the high cost of die-casting aluminum type manufacturing, die-casting aluminum machine production efficiency, small batch production is not economic.

4. Die-casting aluminum common surface treatment process.

Aluminum die casting often use surface treatment processes include: oil spraying, electroplating, oxidation, sandblasting, etc.. For different product applications and surface treatment requirements, surface treatment tests are also different, the common tests are salt spray test, wear resistance test, high temperature boiling test, alcohol test, etc. The surface treatment of die-cast aluminum can effectively extend the service life and can be used in more restricted areas.

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