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Surface treatment of Die Casting aluminum

Casting is a process of metal smelting and processing, which usually uses the gravity of metal to cast in the mold. However, “aluminum die-casting” is not completed by gravity, but by exerting a certain pressure. It is similar to “injection molding”. But it has a set of core pulling and cooling systems with high technical […]

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Medical Instrument Case

What are the requirements of materials for medical instrument case processing? For plastic material enclosures For metal case It can being aluminum sheet metal case, and other steel case. Some equipment request the case with Anti-radiation effect, then, a layer of lead plate is welded in the middle of the sheet metal chassis to achieve […]

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Introduction to the characteristics and basic knowledge of ABS plastics

Chemical name: Acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene copolymerEnglish name:Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneSpecific gravity:1.05g/cm3 Molding shrinkage:0.4-0.7%Molding temperature:200-240℃ Drying condition:80-90℃ 2 hours ABS plastic features.1、Better overall performance, higher impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical properties.2, good fusion with 372 organic glass, made of two-color plastic parts, and the surface can be chrome-plated, spray paint treatment.3、High impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame […]

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Automatic injection molding machine

Automatic injection molding machine The basic working principle of the injection machine can be understood as that after plastic raw materials are uniformly plasticized in the barrel, the injection products are formed after injection, flow filling, pressure maintaining, and cooling. An automatic injection molding machine is a process test instrument used in the fields of […]

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Die-cast aluminum

1.What is die-casting aluminum? Die-casting aluminum is usually done by using a pressure casting machine fitted with a casting mold, adding heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy to the inlet of the die-casting machine and die-casting it to produce aluminum or aluminum alloy parts or housings of a restricted shape and size. High pressure and […]

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Classification of Aluminum Alloy

As known that Hongfa is an OEM/ODM manufacturer of metal case,and aluminum enclosure is the main metal case used for electronic device.Because aluminum alloy has good heat dissipation,good Processing performance and easy to color. Aluminum alloy is the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural material in the industry, and has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, […]

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The surface treatment and advantage of aluminum alloy case

Surface treatment is a process of artificially forming a surface layer with different mechanical, physical and chemical properties on the surface of the base material. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements of the product. The following are some common surface treatments for […]

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Different Machinery for Enclosure Processing

As a box mold factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China for nearly 20 years, we have many different kinds of machinery and equipment to meet the different processing needs of our customers. So, let’s take a look at the different types of machinery and equipment needed for box processing: Injection Molding Machine Injection molding machine, also […]

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Characteristics and differences of plastic materials

With the development of science and technology, plastic materials have been widely used in various fields, and plastic products can be seen everywhere in life. So what exactly is plastic? What are the types and properties of plastics? The main component of plastic raw materials is resin, which is mainly composed of polymer synthetic resin […]

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About the ITX Mini PC Case

—–Custom metal enclosure for ITX Mini PC What does itx case mean?  ITX chassis, also known as Mini-ITX chassis, the chassis is very small, suitable for living room computer chassis. The chassis generally includes the housing, bracket, various switches on the panel, indicator lights, etc. Hong Fa case company mainly built the case, the case […]

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What is CNC machining

“Numerical control (computer numerical control, CNC) is the automated control of machining tools (such as drills, lathes, mills and 3D printers) by means of a computer.”-From Wikipedia. In fact, CNC has different meanings on different occasions. But when we generally mention CNC, we will associate it with CNC processing. CNC is the abbreviation of computer […]

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Structure of Extrusion Aluminum Die

Do you know the extrusion aluminum profile?Hongfa mainly produce the aluminum enclsoures,which use the extruded aluminum profile as material.Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in many fields because of their various shapes, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Industrial aluminum profile products can be seen everywhere in life, so what is the structure of extrusion die for […]

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What is a sheet metal enclosure

There is not yet a more complete definition of sheet metal enclosure. According to a definition in a foreign professional journal, it can be defined as: Sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for thin metal sheets (usually below 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/laminating, folding, riveting, splicing, forming (e.g. auto body), etc.. The distinguishing feature […]

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The difference between ABS and PC material

As known,Hongfa Shunda is a manufacturer of kinds of enclosures for electronic device,and plastic enclosure is the mainly used housing for PCB,because it with light weight,lower cost and good insulation. As a 20 years factory,Hongfa has more than hundreds of standard plastic enclosures in stock for choice,but all of them are used ABS material.There’re many […]

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About the selection of mini computer and mini computer case

Now if you want to buy a computer, you basically have only two choices, to performance to buy a desktop host, to portability to buy a laptop. But there are still some compromises between the two, and today we’re going to talk about mini-computers, which can combine portability and performance to meet the needs of […]

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Company Culture Concept

Shenzhen Hongfa Shunda Mould Co.,Ltd. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of integrity, truth-seeking and innovation, starting from customer needs, and customer satisfaction, people-oriented, customer-oriented, and benefit-sharing. Adhering to the business philosophy of “innovation, quality and service”, we will learn from others’ strengths, strive for excellence, create corporate benefits […]

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Sheet metal stamping process and characteristics

Hongfa Shunda is a sheet metal parts manufacturer,there are many technological processes in sheet metal production, such as stamping, bending, laser cutting, welding, etc. Stamping plays an important role in sheet metal production. Stamping processing is a production technology of product parts with a certain shape, size and performance by means of the power of […]

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CNC Machining for Plastic enclosure

CNC Machining for Plastic enclosure ABS is a comprehensive general-purpose plastic. It is widely used in the field of plastic materials because of its easy processing characteristics, excellent mechanical characteristics and thermal stability of PC. It has the advantages of low price and high impact strength. After processing, its surface will become smooth and bright […]

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Waterproof Box

The main function of the waterproof case is to allow various electrical or electronic components to be protected in any environment. Commonly used in new energy, agriculture, oil and gas, railroads, communications and other industries. Waterproof case is divided into different protection levels, protection level Ingress Protection referred to as IP level, is for the […]

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The Effect Of Laser Engraving On Different Materials

As we all know, a perfect electronic product including inner electrics parts, PCBA, other components, and then, a nice housing with silkscreen LOGO printing or laser engraving. These elements add to the underlying value of the overall product. However, for different surface treatments and LOGO production, the material requirements are also different. Today, let’s talk […]

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The structure of plastic injection mold 4.2

plastic injection mold

A plastic injection mold is a relatively complicated tool for making plastic products. The manufacturing material of plastic injection mold is steel, which takes a long time to manufacture and costs relatively high. Today we will introduce the five major systems of plastic injection molds. Plastic molds can be divided into: pouring system, molding system, […]

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Plastic mold making process 3.26

custom plastic enclosures

As we all know, “Mold is the mother of industry”.Plastic mold is a tool that is matched with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry to give plastic products a complete configuration and precise size. Due to the variety of plastics and processing methods, the structures of plastic molding machines and plastic products are […]

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Processing of sheet metal plate in factory

“Sheet metal is used in automobile and truck (lorry) bodies, airplane fuselages and wings, medical tables, roofs for buildings (architecture), and many other applications.”according Wikipedia .We will talk about the processing of sheet metal plate in Factory as below. 1. Blanking: according to different drawings, there are different blanking methods, mainly including CNC punch and laser […]

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What is aluminum profile case

Aluminum profile usually refers to the profile formed by aluminum alloy material through melting and casting and extrusion. Melting and casting is the first process of aluminum production, and the main processes are (1) Batching: According to the specific alloy grades to be produced, the amount of various alloy components to be added is calculated […]

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