About the ITX Mini PC Case

—–Custom metal enclosure for ITX Mini PC

What does itx case mean? 

ITX chassis, also known as Mini-ITX chassis, the chassis is very small, suitable for living room computer chassis. The chassis generally includes the housing, bracket, various switches on the panel, indicator lights, etc.

Hong Fa case company mainly built the case, the case material can being metal, or plastic ones.

As a part of computer accessories, the main function of the chassis is to place and fix various computer accessories, and play a supporting and protective role.

Usually, the ITX is the form factor of the chassis, with a size of 13*13cm/ 17*17 cm. The ITX chassis is born for the ITX motherboard. Relatively speaking, the chassis size is smaller and more miniature.

Currently, Hong Fa company created different models for these ITX Mini PC Case.

Like the aluminum extrusions profile box has a good appearance, which is easy to customize and process, and the surface treatment is diversified.

Like the sheet metal cases has Flexible size and structure design, can match motherboards of different sizes.

Then, What are the advantages of ITX chassis?

Small size, does not take up space, and some are easy to carry. But the shortcomings are also obvious, the heat dissipation is not good, and the expansion performance is weak.

Nowadays, people are keen to put the host on the desktop, pursuing the functionality of the main box and at the same time pursuing the light and exquisite products, good-looking and fashionable appearance.

Hongfa design & produce different types aluminum housing for ITX mini PC,also can make according to customers’ design.If you are specialized in this area,have such demand,please contact freely for more details.



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