Rivet Welding

Hongfa is committed to the production and processing of sheet metal parts. The sheet metal process includes many aspects, such as blanking, stamping, bending, welding, riveting, etc. What we are going to talk about today is riveting and welding technology.

Rivet welding is a welding method of electric welding. The common welding method is to penetrate the object to be welded with electrode. Generally used for welding thicker metal.

Riveting welding process is especially suitable for connecting parts made of different materials (such as plastic and metal). There is a rivet column on one part that protrudes into the hole of the other part. Then through the cold flow or melting of plastic, the rivet column is deformed to form a rivet head, which mechanically locks the two parts together. The process is fast and economical, and has the advantages of no need to consume rivets and screws.

By changing the design of the welding head, a variety of different rivet head designs can be obtained. For general purpose rivet welding, it is recommended to use a rivet column with a diameter of 1.6 to 4mm (1/16-5/32 inch). It is recommended to use small rivet posts with diameter less than 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) for spherical rivet welding. Flush riveting is used in applications where a flat surface is required. Hollow rivet welding can minimize dents and shrinkage holes, and rivet columns with diameter greater than 4mm (5/32 inch) are used.

How to make rivet welding process?

To make riveting and welding process, the riveter should check the pipe, set out, cut, cut the groove, polish and match.

Then the welder is required to check the welding materials and spot weld the corresponding materials. The riveter shall check whether the straightness, stress and deformation exceed the standard again, and hand them to the welder for welding if they do not exceed the standard. After welding, the oxide skin shall be knocked off, polished and handed over to the quality inspector to check whether there are defects (spatter, undercut, slag inclusion, air hole), etc



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