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Send Us Your CAD Drawing

Starting from a completed CAD drawing is the quickest way to turn your drawing to ENCLOSURE. All you have to do is send us the CAD file and we take it from there.

Our design staff’s speed and experience make our design services surprisingly cost effective, and you may save further time because their intimate knowledge of  HONGFA’s manufacturing capabilities virtually eliminates non-manufacturable features and resultant revision cycles. 


How to send us a CAD Drawing

You can send us your CAD drawing in one of the following ways:


CAD Formats

Below are the formats we work with

  • .sldprt, .sldasm (Solidworks Pack & Go)
  • .x_t (Parasolid)
  • .stp (STEP file)
  • .igs (IGES file)
  • .asm (ProE 3D assembly and parts)
  • .sat (AutoCad 3D assembly)
  • .dwg (AutoCad 2D assembly)
  • .dxf (AutoCad 2D assembly)

What happens next?

After we review your design we send you a quote (quotes are provided within 24 hours). As soon as an order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email followed by an eDRAWING of your enclosure within 24 hours.

Once approved, your order enters production and your order typically ships within 2-3 business days. Shipping details are provided electronically once your order leaves our facility.

Our technical support team and sales representatives will provide any guidance you may require throughout the process. They will ensure all issues related to your design, such as powder coat colors and optional silk screen requirements, are dealt with in an expeditious manner.

Terms & Conditions for Customer-Submitted Designs - General

It is understood that the enclosures, parts or components you order were not designed by HONHFA Incorporated, nor does Protocase Incorporated have any control over their use or misuse once delivered to you.

If HONGFA Incorporated staff helps you create or modify a design, or offers suggestions or advice in any other way, such suggestions or advice are to be regarded as general suggestions only, and offered without responsibility for errors or omissions.

Timely performance is dependent upon Customer providing any requested information to HONGFA, i.e. drawing approvals, commercial documentation etc.

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The first time know what happen in HONGFA company. We will update the last technology in custom aluminnum, meta and plasti enclosure.We design and manufacture custom enclosures for a wide range of industries and sectors. We are used to working towards specific norms and specifications.


We offer two standard systems for enclosures of any dimension. To create these enclosures, Front Panel Designer includes a housing tool that enables you to create all the housing sections you need with just select the right accessories.