Custom Plastic Enclosure

custom plastic enclosures

HONGFA is a leading custom plastic injection component and large enclosure supplier for the electronic, sensor, and robotic enclosure industry. Plastic Thermoforming process (vacuum forming and pressure forming) offers some unique advantages for the large electronic and sensor industry, especially as an alternative to traditional metal or injection molded enclosures. 

Custom material colors, surface texturing, molded in branding, modern and sleek design geometry, RTL, EMI, & RFI Shielding, and and extremely rugged thermoplastic material present design and performance capabilities that are either unattainable or cost prohibitive with other manufacturing processes. 

Plastic Enclosures Advantages for Electronic Device

Hongfa Shunda is a leading large-scale supplier of injection-molded plastic enclosures in the industry. For electronic sensors, testers, face recognition, and other electronic fields to provide a high-quality enclosure. The plastic enclosure is of good quality and low price, especially as a substitute for traditional metal.

Plastic enclosures are designed to accommodate and protect sensitive electronic and electrical components in a variety of applications. Our high-quality durable plastic case is made of ABS environmental protection material, and can also be made of fireproof ABS material. Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring non-metallic enclosures. There are many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, and our selection ensures that you can find the right solution for any application. The application and use of plastic enclosures are endless. It is generally used in desktop and handheld devices, remote sensors, industrial control boxes, wireless and telecommunication equipment, etc.

Advantages of plastic shell:

  1. Higher safety: metal is conductive, while plastic is insulating, greatly improving the safety caused by leakage.
  2. Lighter weight: the density of plastic is only the same as that of metal, so the weight of the product is greatly reduced, and the transportation is more economical.
  3. Simple molding, no secondary processing: plastic shell only needs one-time injection molding, compared with the metal multiple processing procedures, and processing cost, it has absolute advantages.
  4. More high-end appearance: plastic products can do more optimization in the appearance, according to customer requirements can customize a variety of silk screen logo text process color.
  5. More environmentally friendly: through a number of environmental certification, and can be recycled, energy saving.
  6. More economical: for finished product customers, the transportation of products can save more freight, and can save a lot of auxiliary material costs of finished products.

Durable and Impact Resistant:

ABS has excellent impact strength and surface hardness, good stability, chemical resistance and excellent electrical insulation in a certain temperature range.

Aesthetic Designs:

Simple and beautiful design, to provide customers with a variety of options.

Various surface treatments:

Can customize colors, textures, logos, or other materials.

Why choose us as your custom enclosure suppliers?

For over 14 years, HONGFA has been a leader in the development of enclosures products for permanent marking and traceability. The demand from organizations to mark products continues to rise and spread to a wide range of industries opening a plethora of opportunities.

With systems installed globally, our customers’ continued loyalty is a testament to HONGFA’s service-minded culture. As much as we focus on customers, we also know that our employees are a vital component to the continued success and the future of HONGFA.

HONGFA wants each and every employee to be successful and develop their own rewarding career. That’s why one of our core values is pursuing personal and company growth, because we know that when you succeed, we all succeed.

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The first time know what happen in HONGFA company. We will update the last technology in custom aluminnum, meta and plasti enclosure.We design and manufacture custom enclosures for a wide range of industries and sectors. We are used to working towards specific norms and specifications.


We offer two standard systems for enclosures of any dimension. To create these enclosures, Front Panel Designer includes a housing tool that enables you to create all the housing sections you need with just select the right accessories.