Custom Enclosure

Enclosure Design Services

HONGFA offers extraordinary enclosure design services.

If aesthetics is a priority, HONGFA will make a nice looking enclosure that meets your specifications.

Our technologies allow HONGFA to make straight lines to curved shapes, we have the technology to help you bring your design from the drawing board into a complete product. 

When your enclosure is ready to take the next step, send us your drawing and we will modify it with you.
Do you need a housing for a circuit board, LCD, battery, connectors, pump etc…?

Give us a call and we will help you through the process.
Past customer enclosures include medical laboratory equipment, industrial control boxes, telcom devices, commercial computer peripherals, security components, and point of sale display units.

With this wide range of enclosure experience HONGFA can help you follow through with your design, or create a new design that not only meets your needs but looks good too.
Browse our products pages for creative solutions to meet your enclosure needs.


Step 1:

Start by contacting an account manager, who will discuss your requirements, and ask you to send a description of your enclosure, which may include a SketchComponents and/or a Description.

Step 2:

HONGFA will send you a quote for the cost of design services, and the cost of manufacturing the enclosure (note that this is only possible if your description is sufficiently complete – if not you will be quoted a range).

Step 3:

HONGFA designs your enclosure, consulting with you when required. An edrawing is sent to you for your approval.

Step 4:

Once you’ve approved the edrawing, CAD files are sent to you in a format of your choice. You own the design. Also, if requested, your design will enter production.

Terms & Conditions for protocase "Design Service"

When engaged to provide “design services”, Protocase will supply drafting services to create CAD designs, under your direction, using design details, drawings or sketches, verbal descriptions, components, or other guidance or information provided by you.

You own any and all CAD drawings produced as a result of this engagement.

You must approve the final drawing before it enters manufacturing. It is your responsibility to ensure that the final design is suitable for your purposes.

Quotations are based on the information provided by you at the time the quote was given. Should the scope of the project change, HONGFA reserves the right to adjust the estimate.

Quoted prices include time to create the design, plus two iterations. If further iterations are required, HONGFA reserves the right to adjust the estimate.

Should it become necessary to adjust our estimates, HONGFA will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible.

Please note that additional lead time is required for design services. The total time to have a design services enclosure built is the sum total of the design services lead time, time that you take to approve the design, plus the manufacturing lead time.

HONGFA will make every effort to maintain customer privacy in the normal course of business. However, if there are specific requirements for secrecy or non-disclosure, then arrangements should be made in advance.

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The first time know what happen in HONGFA company. We will update the last technology in custom aluminnum, meta and plasti enclosure.We design and manufacture custom enclosures for a wide range of industries and sectors. We are used to working towards specific norms and specifications.


We offer two standard systems for enclosures of any dimension. To create these enclosures, Front Panel Designer includes a housing tool that enables you to create all the housing sections you need with just select the right accessories.