Structure of Extrusion Aluminum Die

Do you know the extrusion aluminum profile?Hongfa mainly produce the aluminum enclsoures,which use the extruded aluminum profile as material.Industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in many fields because of their various shapes, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Industrial aluminum profile products can be seen everywhere in life, so what is the structure of extrusion die for industrial aluminum profiles?Today,please study together with Hongfa for the extrusion die .

The material of the industrial aluminum extrusion die is H13 steel, and the die needs to be nitrided before it can be used. Generally, a set of mold consists of three parts: positive mold, mold pad and mold sleeve. The positive mold is composed of working belt, empty knife, deflector and other parts, and each component has its own function.

First, let’s learn the structure of the positive mold.

  1. Working belt: The working belt is perpendicular to the working surface of the mold. The purpose is to fix the size of the profile. Too long or too short is unqualified. The design of the working belt should consider the wall thickness difference of the profile and the distance from the center, as well as the shunting bridge of the die hole. If the length of the working belt is too short, the size of the aluminum profile is difficult to stabilize. If the working belt is too long, the friction effect of the metal will be increased, the extrusion force will be increased, and the metal will be easily bonded.
  2. Empty knife:It is the main channel for aluminum profiles to pass through. It is a structural part of the die hole working with cantilever support at the outlet end, which can ensure the quality of aluminum profiles and the life of the mold;
  3. Deflector:From the aluminum bar to the profile, there needs to be a deformation process, and the deflector can reduce the deformation and play the role of the transition shape;
  4. Diverter holes: The channel, shape, cross-sectional size, number and different arrangement of aluminum passing through holes directly affect the extrusion quality, extrusion force, and service life. The area of the shunt hole reduces the extrusion force.
  5. Diverter bridge: its width is related to die strength and metal flow.
  6. Mold Core: Determines the size and shape of the cavity.
  7. Welding room: After all the preparatory work is in place, the aluminum alloy begins to enter the welding room for the final extrusion stage.

The special die pad for extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles includes two cooling channels, namely the outer cooling channel and the inner cooling channel.

The inner cooling channel is located on the outer side of the extrusion profile channel and has the same cross-sectional shape as the extrusion profile channel. The inner cooling channel mainly cools the heat generated at the extrusion location of the profile material.

The outer cooling channel is located on the outer side of the inner cooling channel, and the cross section of the outer cooling channel is circular, which mainly cools the extrusion die of the profile.

In addition, whether the mold structure design is reasonable depends on its split ratio and extrusion ratio.

Diversion ratio: The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the diverting hole to the cross-sectional area of the profile directly affects the extrusion resistance, forming quality and welding quality.

Extrusion ratio: The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the extrusion cylinder to the cross-sectional area of the profile is one of the important parameters to measure whether the profile is suitable for production on the extruder.

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