Departmental Team Building Activities

In hot summer, water is our best lover.

If you are happy on a hot day, you should pay attention to your body on special days. If you have an extraordinary clear wind, don’t let the ruthless sun bask in you. If you are a gentle sunshine, take care of yourself in this hot weather.

In the middle of August, we organized a 2 days 1 night seaside trip, we organized a 2 days 1 night seaside trip.

Early in the morning, we set off at the meeting point with anticipation. Along the way, we listened to the tour guide’s introduction to the relevant activities and the blue sky and white clouds outside the car window. Although the weather was hot, we still yearned for this activity.

On the first day, we were divided into two groups and played an escape room-adventure game. The teammates cooperated tacitly and finally cleared the customs smoothly. At noon, the two teams began to compete in cooking skills. The teammates divided the labor and cooperated. After 2 hours, they each cooked a table of delicious food. After lunch, take a break and experience a mountain bike ride through the forest, which is exciting and fun.

Night, we have the BBQ and roasted lamb, with KTV.

On the second day, it was the most refreshing water waybill, kayak competition and freestyle, lying on the kayak and basking in the sun, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, it was beautiful.

away your troubles and bring good luck throughout the summer. Looking forward to the next event.



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