Different Application Of Plastic Enclosures

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The last month of each year is the busiest. The factory is busy producing orders, the warehouse is busy taking inventory and shipping.

Some of them are for stocking up stocks made years ago, and some are to avoid crowded order scheduling after the year. In short, all the advance arrangements are for smoother production and sales.

Our plastic enclosures have normally type and waterproof type box, some electronic products need to be used by spaecial environment, like outdoor, so it is request the box with IP 65-IP 66-IP 67 grade to provent water inside box, and then protect elelctronic parts.

And some electronic products request the plastic housing can fireproof when the products working by a high temperature.

Our plastic box can do that, application in different working environment.

If you are interested in these products, welcome to contact us for more details.