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This aluminum extrusion profile has a heat sink body and is composed of aluminum alloy 6063, which dissipates heat well. Typically, it has two end panels, a bottom cover, and screws.

It is suitable for 14*14cm motherboard,the cutouts for PCB can be cut as required.

This kind of aluminum housing is frequently used for industrial controllers,mini PC, amplifiers, and CUP heat sinks etc.

Product No. HF-A-397
Material Aluminum Alloy 6063
Color Silver,black or customized as request
Size H37*W175mm(Length can be customized)
Drawing PDF,CAD,JPG etc
Surface treatment Can be customized, such as Brush, sandblast, anodize,powder coating,painting etc.
Custom service Drill holes , CNC,surface color,Logo printing etc.
Logo printing Silkscreen/ laser engraving

1) Heavy gauge extruded aluminum construction

2) Professional sandblast/matte anodized finish

3) Built-in grooves for holding circuit board

4) Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance

5) Heat sink nature, electromagnetic field protection and robust construction

6) Front and back panels and fasteners are included

7) Completely open in halves, easier for drilling, soldering, screwing, problem fixing

# New Mold Design And Marking

# Drilling Holes

# Nice Appearance

# Excellent Processing performance

# Surface Treatment

# Logo Printing

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