CNC Machining for Plastic enclosure

CNC Machining for Plastic enclosure

ABS is a comprehensive general-purpose plastic. It is widely used in the field of plastic materials because of its easy processing characteristics, excellent mechanical characteristics and thermal stability of PC. It has the advantages of low price and high impact strength. After processing, its surface will become smooth and bright depending on its processing method.

The die structure is complex and has many parts. The mold base, cavity, core, insert or slider, molding electrician and other parts in the mold need to be formed through NC processing, and the workload of CNC plastic processing is large.

Generally, plastic products have beautiful appearance, smooth and beautiful appearance, which makes the surface structure of the mold cavity complex. Therefore, choose a three-axis or four-axis combined transportation machining center for processing, and the processing is completed as soon as possible to minimize the workload of subsequent assemblers and manual polishing.

CNC machining must use high-hardness carbide tools, and reasonable cutting process parameters must be selected during machining. If conditions permit, it is best to use high-speed milling.

When cutting tools, it is necessary to consider the convenience of the latter process in order to provide a reference plane with better surface roughness and higher mutual positional accuracy for the latter process; use standard parts wherever possible. For example, the standardization and serialization of the hole diameter can reduce the amount of metal cutting, reduce the processing cost, and improve the processing efficiency.

In CNC plastic mold processing, parts such as sharp corners and ribs cannot be machined in place, and other products with special requirements need to be processed by EDM. EDM requires electrodes.

CNC plastic processing manufacturers promote the use of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technology to automatically compile and optimize CNC machining programs for mold parts, establish a complete CNC process flow for mold CNC machining, and carry out CNC machining according to the established methods and procedures. , to prevent or reduce errors in mold manufacturing; therefore, copper is used as the electrode, which is the first choice for CNC machining, and tungsten-copper alloy is used as the electrode.

There are many benefits of CNC machining, it is a fast, accurate and universal machining solution. Once the instructions are created and the machine tool is programmed, any number of parts can be manufactured. It is designed for precision manufacturing and reusable use, with cost-effective and high scalability. Besides, CNC machining can also use a wide range of materials, including aluminum, copper, titanium, plastics, etc. This is why CNC machining is so popular.



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