About the selection of mini computer and mini computer case

Now if you want to buy a computer, you basically have only two choices, to performance to buy a desktop host, to portability to buy a laptop. But there are still some compromises between the two, and today we’re going to talk about mini-computers, which can combine portability and performance to meet the needs of specific users.

What is a mini-computer?

As the name implies, a mini computer is small, like a book or a router, and saves space. Its initial application scenario is HTPC (Home Theater PC), which can serve as a living room entertainment, resource sharing, and expanding TV functions. Because of the relatively high threshold for installation and use, its presence was once weakened after the popularity of TV boxes. However, in the last two years, its advantages in terms of performance have become more and more prominent, the use of the scope of the living room, there are more application scenarios.

But do not look at this type of mini-computers mainly portable, they are also quite good in performance and expandability, some of these machines carry a desktop-class processor, performance is not weak than the performance of the large chassis. However, this type of host is not completely without drawbacks, and its limited internal space limits its performance, heat dissipation is a major problem, some mini-hosts in order to save space and reduce noise, will also use fanless cooling design, further limiting the performance of the play.

Therefore, many manufacturers will choose to have good thermal performance of a specific size of aluminum profile case after custom processing openings to make the mini case case.

For example, our A-391 can fit a 17*17 motherboard and can be customized with interfaces and logo printing as per customer requirements.

This profile case has ample internal space for air flow, allowing good heat dissipation even without dispersion of the hardware.

In addition to this, we also have other aluminum profile case can be adapted to Intel NUC motherboard. Welcome to provide your motherboard size to ask our staff!



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