What is ABS material?

ABS plastic is A terpolymer of acrylonitrile (A) -butadiene (B) -styrene (S). It combines the performance of three components, including acrylonitrile with high hardness and strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance; Butadiene has impact resistance and toughness; Styrene has high surface gloss, easy to stain and easy to process. The properties of the three components above make ABS plastic a kind of thermoplastic plastic with the good comprehensive performance of “strong, tough and rigid”.When the proportion of three components of ABS is adjusted, its performance changes accordingly to meet the requirements of various applications, such as high-resistance ABS, heat-resistant ABS, high-gloss ABS and so on.ABS plastic molding processing is good, can be used for injection, extrusion, hot molding, and other methods, can be sawing, drilling, filing, grinding and other mechanical processing, can be used for organic solvents such as chloroform bonding, but also for coating, electroplating, and other surface treatment.ABS plastic is also an ideal substitute for wood and building materials.ABS plastic has high strength, lightweight, high surface hardness, very smooth, easy to clean, stable size, good creep resistance, suitable for electroplating. Its applications continue to expand.ABS plastics are widely used in the industry.ABS injection products are commonly used to make shells, boxes, parts, toys and so on. Extrusion products for the plate, bar, pipe, etc., hot pressing, composite processing, and production model.



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