The Effect Of Laser Engraving On Different Materials

As we all know, a perfect electronic product including inner electrics parts, PCBA, other components, and then, a nice housing with silkscreen LOGO printing or laser engraving.

These elements add to the underlying value of the overall product.

However, for different surface treatments and LOGO production, the material requirements are also different.

Today, let’s talk about laser engraving on different materials housing box.

Laser engraving refers to laser engraving, which marks the chemical and physical changes of the surface layer material by the light energy of the laser beam, or burns off some substances through the light energy, and displays the pattern and text to be etched. Different can be divided into dot matrix engraving and vector cutting.

Usually, laser engraving on an aluminum or other metal enclosure or plates, it can be a single color.

Colored laser engraving also can be done, need more complicated.

Following are the finished aluminum box and plastic enclosures with engraving.

Laser engraving of aluminum parts

We can also produce customized plastic or metal case for you.

Such as: drilling, cutting, silkscreen printing etc.

Just contact with us if you want to know more about these products.



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