Waterproof Box

The main function of the waterproof case is to allow various electrical or electronic components to be protected in any environment. Commonly used in new energy, agriculture, oil and gas, railroads, communications and other industries.

Waterproof case is divided into different protection levels, protection level Ingress Protection referred to as IP level, is for the electrical equipment case against foreign body intrusion protection level. This rating system to the degree of dust and water resistance of electrical equipment to classify the product. This rating classification is recognized by most countries.

Generally speaking, as long as the case reaches IP65 level, it can be applied to most indoor and outdoor environments. It can effectively prevent the intrusion of splashing water and protect the internal wiring, instruments and meters.

There are various types of waterproof case materials, such as ABS, PC, aluminum, steel, etc.

How to choose the right material among metal or plastic waterproof case?

For example, if you are protecting cables or conduit materials. Metal cables and conduits usually choose metal enclosures to provide grounding. Plastic waterproof cases are the obvious choice for non-metallic cables.

Among plastic waterproof cases, ABS is often prepared for manufacturing plastic waterproof cases because of its high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and easy processing and molding properties of thermoplastic polymers.

How to pick the right size?

First you need to consider the internal volume of the box and the size of the components or wiring you need to place. Secondly, you need to consider what kind of processing you need to do, and then add the appropriate size accordingly. You can ask us for a catalog of relevant waterproof case sizes for reference and pick the right case.

Our company mainly sells various sizes and types of high quality ABS waterproof cases with internal waterproof strips and stainless steel screws, which have good waterproof and dustproof functions. We also provide different versions with transparent cover and with mounting panel, and if the quantity is sufficient, we can also change the color according to your requirements. If there is a need for fireproof, we can also do 94V0 level of flame retardant and waterproof case.

In addition to this, most junction boxes require openings for cables and conduits to enter and leave the case. Therefore, we also offer custom processing options such as cutouts, silk-screening, waterproof connectors, etc.

All of our cutouts are CNC machined to the exact size you need with no burrs. The screen printing can be done according to your requirements to create a nice and beautiful company logo or hole logo. We also provide different specifications of PG waterproof connector, so that you can buy all the products you need in one stop.

With the gradual development of the city, the application field of waterproof case is becoming more and more widespread and common. Hongfa Shunda Mould Co., Ltd. has also been adhering to the belief of providing the best quality products to help every customer’s success.



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